Rules & Regulations

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Article 9: The highest power body of the association is the representative assembly of all members. The executive committee is executive council and its daily working body is secretariat.

Article 10: The representative assembly of all members exercise powers as follows:

a) To amend the regulations;

b) To discuss and decide work guiding principles and tasks;

c) To examine and check work report and financial balance report of the association;

d) To elect new-term executive committee;

e) To discuss and decide whether to admit new members;

f) To discuss and decide other important activities and items of the association.

Article 11: When the representative assembly of all members is not in session, the executive committee implements decisions of representative assembly and direct the work of the association.

Article 12: The executive council has one president.

Article 13: The secretariat of the association completes all tasks that are given by executive committee and is responsible for the annual meeting and dealing with daily affairs.

Article 14: ISEE convenes the annual meeting at least once every two years.