Rules & Regulations

Scientific Research & Publications


Article 5: The scientific researchers and scholars studying in environmental ecology, may join ISEE. Environmental ecology regulatory government organizations, universities and academies may apply as observation bodies to ISEE.

Article 6: Members enjoy rights as follows:

a) To have the right to elect, right to be elected and right to vote in the association;

b) To supervise work of association, make criticism and suggestions and report members’ behavior that breaches the regulations;

c) To report problems existing in research and management of all local regions and put forward opinions and demands;

d) To take part in various activities of the association.

e) The observation organs enjoy the above rights except item 1 and 5 of this article.

Article 7: Members shall performance obligations as follows:

a) To observe laws and rules, pay taxes according to laws and pay membership dues according to the regulations;

b) To obey regulation of the association and conscientiously receive the supervision and examination of the association;

c) To actively take part in all activities of the association;

d) To observe regulations of the association and execute decisions of the association.

Article 8: Members have the freedom to withdraw from the association. When they withdraw, they shall provide written application and explain withdrawal reasons and can only withdraw by consent of executive council of the association.