Rules & Regulations

Scientific Research & Publications

General rules

Article 1: The society is consist of the membership who are engaged in international environmental science and ecological engineering technology research and development, personnel of environmental management, ecological protection, as well as environmental work for science and technology industries, social workers from different universities and academy, and pass by the registration administration organization lawfully registered worldwide, academic community, nonprofit social organization.

Article 2: International Society of Environmental Ecology (hereby: ISEE) is a non-governmental international association which has legal person’s qualification with its headquarter located in Los Angeles, California, US.

Article 3:  The purpose and guiding ideology of ISEE

1) The International society for environmental ecology (ISEE) is a non-profit organization. ISEE aims to foster the development of environmental ecology science and technology for ecological restoration and environmental protection. It promotes exchange of environmental and ecological information between experts, administration, industry, research and the public. The society is dedicated to providing a forum to address issues related to foundations, techniques and tools of interactions among human being, environment and ecology. It devotes to promote global ecology and environmental sciences through brings together scientists, engineers and managers from a broad range of disciplines with common interests.

2) The main activities of the ISEE include publishing scientific publications, conducting research activities, launching environmental and ecological programs, disseminating knowledge and technologies, organizing international conferences, and providing information and discussion spaces. The society is exploring any opportunities to help its members succeed at the leading edge of their professions. The ISEE’s vision is working towards to becoming an influential contributor of scientifically credible and technically sound information in the fields of environmental and ecology sciences, health and technology in international communities.

Article 4: General aim of ISEE:

a) The aim of ISEE is to connect all environmental ecology researchers in the world, form a strong and unified power, and ensure continuous development of environmental ecology;

b) Safety: Realizing the necessity of protection ecological environment;

c) Techniques: To develop new technology of environmental ecology;

d) Intellectual property rights: To educate the employed and let them realize the necessity of protection of intellectual property rights and ensure all sides to observe regulations;

e) Education: To make and start an education plan which includes safety, quality, new technology and intellectual property rights protection of environmental ecology;

f) To win over all governments’ support to the scientific research for environmental ecology through their policies.